Project bags for knitters

Knitting project bags, needle holders and more made in country NSW

From snap bags with quirky prints to functional knitting needle holders, I design and make pouches, storage solutions, and yarn craft accessories. I love to play with materials, colours and techniques to create items that people can cherish. You’ll find a variety of different fabrics used in my shop and I hope you find an item that sings to you.

As a small business I like to support other small businesses whenever possible and I consciously try to minimise waste and energy use in my studio to reduce the impact my business has on the environment.

I enjoy making things that people want (or want to give to someone) so if you would like a particular item in a different size, fabric or customised just for you, please contact me.

While I work on setting up this new shop my project bags and accessories are also available on my Etsy shop: Give Me A Crown

Thanks for visiting my shop!